Prepare the car credit financing file well

Are you planning to buy a new car? Prepare your auto loan application file now. By doing so, you anticipate all the stages at which you will have to answer questions, provide personal information and documents attesting, among other things, to your financial situation.

To help you succeed in this process, here is a reminder of everything you will do in the context of a credit application.

Car credit: present a convincing case

Car credit: present a convincing case

Before being able to grant you a car loan, the banking establishment is obliged to study your case. To do this, he will scrutinize your file and detect all the anomalies in order to avoid a situation of over-indebtedness while anticipating any risk of loss.

As a car loan applicant, you will start with an online simulation to fill out a financing application form.

Note that if you make a procedure on the Internet, the prior offer of credit will be provided to you pre-filled with the information that you will have already given in the boxes of the form. The answer in principle will be made immediately and you will know what supporting documents you will provide, in particular the identity documents, the RIB and the tax form. The third step is to send the funding request with supporting documents. As soon as you receive your advance credit offer, you must read it precisely before signing it, dating it and sending it back to the lender.

Auto Credit from the Lender’s Perspective

Auto Credit from the Lender

For its part, the credit organization follows steps before agreeing to grant you the funds for the auto loan. The process begins with the sending of the funding request form which will then be collected with the supporting documents as soon as it is completed. Then, the parts will be authenticated and verified before proceeding to the study of the car loan application file.

The auto credit contract will be sent in two copies to the applicant and upon receipt of the signed and dated document, it will be necessary to wait for the end of the withdrawal period to release the funds which will be paid directly to the borrower’s account.

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