Gok Wan Launches ‘#BupaHealthTracks’ Playlist to Celebrate Nation’s Health and Wellness


LONDON, October 13, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DJ Gok Wan has partnered with Bupa to create the ultimate wellness playlist and encourages people to add their own inspirational tracks.

#BupaHealthTracks – now available on Gok’s Spotify – features an inspiring mix of the country’s top 20 songs that provide the backdrop to their daily health and wellness victories.

From rock greats such as Queen and the Beatles, to superstar Whitney Houston and country legend Dolly Parton, the open playlist was launched in support of Bupa’s new ‘This is Health’ brand campaign, which demonstrates that in 2022, health looks and feels different for each individual.

This follows research that shows eight in 10 UK adults (78%) say music is their choice for improving their mood – with the average person listening to around two and a half hours a day. And, while pop is the genre most associated with happiness, dance leads the way when it comes to motivation, and classical leads the way for inspiration and holistic well-being.

Music acts as a reassuring constant in people’s lives, with half listening when relaxing (50%), four in 10 when cleaning (40%) and more than a third when traveling ( 34%). Two-thirds (62%) say music has been an integral part of their personal health and well-being journey, while nearly three-quarters (70%) say music has helped them through stressful times in their life. life.

Gok Wan, TV presenter, DJ and host of the “Bupa Health Tracks” playlist, comments: “This campaign hits the nail on the head when it describes what health means to people in 2022. It’s less about marathons and PBs in the gym and more about small daily accomplishments – whether it’s taking the time to s stretch, play with your pet, or dance with friends in the kitchen.

“It also reveals the huge impact music can have in helping people enjoy life and achieve their goals. Personally, I love listening to classical music when I walk my Frenchie, Dolly.

“I’m calling on the nation to add their own songs to Bupa’s new Spotify playlist and share their health gains online using #BupaHealthTracks – we can’t wait to see which songs get you moving and inspired.”

The research’s first-person responses reveal anecdotal stories about people’s health and wellness journeys – celebrating small wins – including: ‘taking three steps without crutches’, ‘spending a few hours in the garden planting bulbs’ and ‘a long walk after a moment of anxiety’.

Lecturer in psychology at the University of Lincoln, Dr Annemieke van den Tol comments: “I have been studying the benefits of music for 13 years and am happy to support a campaign that encourages people to listen to more music in their daily lives. Listening to music can have many positive effects on our health. These include improving overall mood, reducing anxiety and stress, and helping us feel energized or calm.

“As our emotional well-being fuels our overall health, using the right kind of music at the right time can contribute to a more balanced lifestyle. To give an example, listening to our favorite music releases dopamine – the hormone of well-being – which activates the pleasure and reward system of the brain.”

Carlos Jaureguizar Ruiz-Jarabo, CEO of Bupa Global & UK, comments: “Music is a universal language of well-being, linking positive mental health to good physical health.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Gok on the #BupaHealthTracks playlist as it showcases the diversity of music people listen to daily to celebrate their health and daily wins, whether it’s for exercise, getting away from it all, or getting away from it all. relax, increasing their happiness and well-being.”

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