Happy Woozi Day: Let’s take a look at the best songs created by SEVENTEEN’s resident producer


woozi is a South Korean singer, songwriter and producer under Pledis Entertainment. He is a member of boy group SEVENTEEN and the leader of Vocal Team. He is also part of the special “Leaders” sub-unit. Besides his work as a soloist and with Seventeen, Woozi has also written for other K-pop artists such as NU’EST W, Ailee, IOI and Chanyeol. From an early age, Woozi studied classical music and learned to play the clarinet and other band instruments. He successfully auditioned for Pledis Entertainment and met his label mate Bumzu, a frequent music production collaborator. Here are some brilliant songs created by Woozi :-

He wrote and composed most of the songs in SEVENTEEN, but the first song he composed and wrote as a member of SEVENTEEN was Adore U.

This is the first single from the long track ’17 Carat’. It has been described as a funky pop song about a teenager trying to navigate puppy love. It marks the start of the band’s trilogy consisting of the singles Adore U, Mansae and Pretty U about a boy meeting, falling in love and asking for a girl. The song was the ultimate K-Pop song and is still etched in Carats’ heart. This was also the start of Woozi’s decorated discography as a producer, composer and songwriter.

don’t listen in secret

The heartfelt song is taken from another EP titled “Going Seventeen” and is sung by the vocal unit of SEVENTEEN, consisting of Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Joshua, and Jeonghan. The song is addressed to their beloved who has now left them and they are both heartbroken and this song serves as a love letter where they poured out their true feelings. They ask their lover to cry and also feel their feelings but not hide from them. Grief can be heard and it is truly an emotional experience.


This is a B-side track from the repackaging of SEVENTEEN’s fourth album SECTOR 17. A lyrical ballad, the song conveys the message that music can alleviate sadness and pushes us to face our challenges together. The song gained popularity upon its release and again a month later following the culmination of the band’s North American tour, BE THE SUN. During a show, Woozi talked about how much the song meant to him and it was an open letter to Wonwoo, his other members, Carats, and himself. The song hits you with the feel as they sing of always being together.

Smile Flower

The meaning of the title is a traditional Korean expression that symbolizes how a smile blossoms into laughter on your face. The literal translation of this expression is “smiling flower” or “laughing flower”, which might sound a bit strange if you say it in English, but in Korean, this beautiful untranslatable expression captures the movement from a smile to a laugh and how laughter and happiness can invade your whole body. The song itself is a love letter to Carats and acts as encouragement. You can feel the emotions that the members wanted to show their fans.

Downpour- IOI

The single is the group’s latest project after rising to fame in 2016 and becoming one of the most popular groups of the year in Korea. Written and composed by Woozi, the song was a goodbye to their fans and each other as they parted ways. The song’s accompanying music video featured documentary-style footage of the IOI members throughout their year together. The group was formed through Korean TV show Produce 101 in 2016, and the 11 members were chosen from 101 trainees aiming to become K-pop stars. The group’s name IOI is an acronym for “Ideal of Idol,” which emphasizes the member’s expertise and potential as some of the top K-pop idol trainees of 2016.

Ruby (Woozi)

This is Woozi’s first solo release. As expected from SEVENTEEN’s lead producer, he participated in all aspects of the production, including lyrics, composition and arrangement, adding unparalleled musical color and emotion to his solo debut. This all-English pop-rock song compares the enchantment that comes with being captivated by a piece of jewelry to falling in love with a girl. It showcases and showcases his fiery vocals against a backdrop of symphonic rock melody. He also wrote the song for Carats, to show his side as a singer. Ruby is also the second installment of SEVENTEEN’s “The Thirteen Tapes” project, where the thirteen members are expected to release a solo mixtape showing off their own individuality and colors as solo artists.

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