Hip-hop pros give tips for rap success


DJ Drewski, Torae, Lisa Evers, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talk about what new artists need to do to be successful.

“Street Soldiers”… is back with seasoned journalist Lisa Evers and an assortment of hip-hop professionals. DJ Drewski, Torae and AHH’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur team up to create an engaging dialogue about the current state of affairs. The world’s most popular musical genre is going through a wave of creativity that creates many social benefits for fans, such as more diversity in collaborations and new sounds.

Right now there is a literal rebirth in Hip hop music. The culture sees young artists reigning supreme, but also older gods and goddesses permeate the competitive mud. There are awesome cross-collaborations, albums and even live phenomena like Rolling Loud that create a cool climate for young artists.

And then the conversation takes a dramatic turn. Evers asks the panel how newcomers can access their respective platforms (AllHipHop, Hot97 and SiriusXM) and also make their voices heard. Responses should be encouraging in this weird yet exciting digital climate where music discovery spans DPS, music festivals, apps like TikTok, and platforms like YouTube.

Overall, all parties agreed: this is a great time for music and culture. Check out the chat below and comment.


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