Uganda’s music industry is bogus


Producer Ian Pro, real name Ian Busungu, describes the Ugandan music industry as “fake” and he thinks there is still a long way to go.

In June, producer Ian Pro made headlines when he was left homeless after his landlord sent him packing for accumulated rent arrears amounting to 9 million shillings.

He managed to pay some money, however, and his owner allowed him to return to his workshop and resume his work.

Ian thanked Jose Chameleone and his close friends in South Africa who ensured he cleared some of the arrears in addition to a Shs1m loan he secured from Ugandan Producer Associations.

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When asked to describe Uganda’s music industry, he defined it as “fake”.

He noted that if the copyright issue is not addressed as it is in other countries, producers and other talented creators who lend a hand to artists are bound to stay broke forever. as artists take advantage of the shine.

Based on the number of hit songs Ian has produced, in any other country with an active copyright law, he wouldn’t face deportation issues.

The Ugandan music industry is bogus. Look at all my fellow producers and those we’ve worked for and see the huge difference between us and them.

Recently, I traveled to South Africa, and I made a comparison between Ugandan music producers and those there.

I have a Nigerian friend of mine who told me that for the hit songs I made here in Nigeria I would be very rich and move around with bodyguards, drive fancy cars, but look what I look like.

Ian Pro


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