Budding designers: who is Ekoh? Independent rapper finds success on TikTok


Who is Ekoh? The indie rapper has showcased his music to gain popularity on TikTok and we’re here to tell you a bit more about him.

TikTok has helped various musicians build full-time careers out of their music during its short existence. Lil Nas X, GAYLE, Olivia Rodrigo and many more have all used the abridged video platform to showcase their talents and develop a fan base.

Freelance rapper Ekoh is another musician using TikTok to build his career.

We’re here to tell you more about Ekoh, as well as showcase some of his songs and videos.

YouTube: Ekoh

Ekoh released “Ted Talk” on September 14, 2020, and it has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube.

Who is Ekoh?

Ekoh has kept his real identity relatively hidden on the Internet, as it is widely known as his stage name. It has amassed over 138,000 subscribers on TikTok since November 2019 and thousands more on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube throughout the years he’s been on the internet.

By using TikTok, the rapper was able to establish a friendlier relationship with some of his fans. He even went so far as to use his platform to track down a fan who had previously helped him surf the crowd in order to offer him VIP tickets to his show.

What music does Ekoh create?

While Ekoh calls himself a rapper, he doesn’t just create rap music. He often shows his musical talents to create a variety of songs that his fans can connect with, and has created a genre that he describes as “leaping from the heart.”

He often uses his platform to create songs about things he’s been through, in the hopes that it will eventually help someone else with the same issue. After creating the song and posting it, it will upload a clip to TikTok to help gain traction.

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to all who are still in the battle, i hope the music helps. #recovery #addiction #rappeur #musicsaves #recoverytok #indiemusic #bekind

original sound – ekohmusic

To show off his ability to create a variety of songs, he recently premiered his first acoustic song titled “I’m Not Fine”.

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What do you think? #Wee #acousticrap #YouShouldKnow #homemade #indiekid #poppunk #fyp #emomusic


While Ekoh has continued to offer a variety of music while remaining completely independent, his social media strategy has done wonders for his popularity.

On December 13, he shared that a radio station in Poland let him know that his remix of Crazytown’s song “Butterfly” was their number one song, beating mainstream artists Skylar Gray, Eminem and DJ Khalid.


#greenscreen hope this radio station is legit 🔥🔥 #butterfly #remix #CustomersMostLoved # 90sthrowback #polandiseverywhere

Ekoh Butterfly Verse 1 – ekohmusic

It wasn’t just his remake of the hit ’90s song that grabbed attention, as his song “I’m Not Fine” hit a million streams on Spotify and he toured nationally. summer 2021.

While he didn’t experience as much mainstream success as musicians like Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo, he definitely showed his ability to work hard and pursue his dreams as he made music his career at home. full-time.

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