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Only a few understand firsthand the unique sensation that occurs when rain hits the ground in the arid desert of El Paso, Texas. Latin country trailblazer Valerie Ponzio captures this raw feeling in her recently released music video for “Desert Rain” while using imagery to convey a narrative about an affair.

Although the “The Voice” alum is making waves in the Nashville country space, she transports viewers to her southern hometown in the visually pleasing clip. Ponzio co-wrote the heartbreaking ballad alongside Danny Myrick, but turned to video producer Raul Hernandez and editor Paco Ibarra to bring the descriptive lyrics to life.

“Desert rain | Every drop on my skin melts | Awaken my senses | There’s no fucking shame | Lightning strikes in a reckless sky | Even if it’s wrong – oh baby, do it”, sings Ponzio comparing the unexpected behavior of mother nature to her daring side. “You’re the midnight rush I’ve been missing | My body begging to be baptized there | So fill me with your touch, your breath | Before it all fades away | With the desert rain.”

Myrick not only filmed the jaw-dropping vistas of Texas begging, but also captured Ponzio slipping from his wedding ring to escape reality and feed his long-awaited desires. While wearing an eye-catching red dress, the budding singer visits a local motel to meet a mysterious man.

The fast-rising star mentioned that she loves filming at the family hotel. Ponzio explained that the employees created a safe space and treated her like a country music queen.

“We were so grateful to the little motel on Montana Street in El Paso for allowing us to use their location to capture the rain scene in the video. They were so kind, gracious and happy to have us on the property “, shared Ponzio. “The owner and his wife came to ask me for an autograph and take a picture with me. They really made me feel like a country music star!”

Ponzio said she challenged herself in the “Desert Rain” music video, as she stepped out of her comfort zone to deliver the outrageous script.

“To be honest, it’s always nerve-wracking to see yourself on screen. Especially for me in this salacious scenario,” Ponzio admitted to CMT. “I’m usually more reserved in my videos, but the final product really brought out all the emotions and images that I was really hoping to convey,” she added.

Although she took a different approach, she thinks the creative risks were worth it.

“Describing a bond with the beauty and power of the desert is ambitious to say the least,” she said. “This video really brings all that power and beauty and heartache that we’ve been looking for.”

Ponzio encourages her fans to watch the music video twice because she wants them to embrace the sheer beauty of El Paso and understand the complex emotions the protagonist feels throughout the cinematic experience.

“I hope fans can watch it twice and capture a few things. First of all, I hope they can feel a bit of the magic of the West Texas desert setting in my hometown of El Paso. , Texas,” she said. “On the next viewing, I hope they feel the hesitation and the weight of the character that she feels about the choice she is about to make as a woman willing to put her marriage aside for a moment of passion.”

“Desert Rain,” which spotlights her angelic vocals and unparalleled sound, follows her vibrant single, “Just A Bordertown.” The way Ponzio pushed the boundaries of country music to improve inclusivity within the genre has not gone unnoticed. The inspiring trailblazer has scored a spot in the inaugural class of CMT and mtheory’s Equal Access program. With Ponzio’s significant take on the country genre and crossover appeal, the landscape is bound to move in the right direction. Ponzio is due to perform alongside other fearless women from around the country on October 12 in the city of music. Tickets are available for purchase, here.


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