EMC to Share Inaugural Club Culture Census Results in April


Synthology (photo by Bruce Mackay/supplied)

The results of the first census of club culture are eagerly awaited at the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney.

The EMC takes place on Tuesday, April 5 at the Powerhouse Museum.

The Census provides data and evidence to measure the impact of key challenges faced by clubs, promoters and workers in the clubbing industry.

There will also be “a whole bunch of interesting and fun data measuring genre trends and cultural movements,” organizers said.

EDM has been one of the hardest hit music styles during the pandemic, and you can expect the Australian EDM sector to have taken a real hit.

After all, the IMS 2021 activity report showed that globally, EDM fell 54% to US$3.4 billion in 2020, wiping out the growth of an entire decade.

It will be interesting to see if the Australian numbers show a slide or a slow recovery.

Australian report expected to show software and hardware growth as people entertain themselves during lockdowns; the growing importance of Twitch for EDM; and techno remains the most popular subgenre.

He will also be fascinated if the upcoming study mirrors IMS’s revelation that, globally, Australia and the Netherlands are leading the way in music recognition technology in clubs, showing the growth transparent payments.

EMC’s theme is The Reboot, “unpacking the profound shifts in the electronic music and dance industry, and rebooting in-person connections throughout our community”.

The results of the AKAR research on mental well-being will also be unveiled.

EMC said it provides evidence on the extent of mental health and wellbeing issues in the EDM sector in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

“The goal of the research is to de-stigmatize mental health by obtaining and sharing knowledge across the region, and developing a centralized resource to refer people in these regions to assistance to support their mental well-being,” organizers said.

To consolidate the findings, the “Beyond The Mind: COVID-19 and Mental Health” panel will discuss pathways for a healthier industry with performer and producer Milan Ring at the helm.

Other issues to discuss are Web3, VR, blockchain, the booming creator economy, emerging music technology that will provide greater fairness for artists and EDM companies, and Luude (Christian Benson) on how his team manages its strong global rise.

Speakers include Sweat It Out MD Jamie Raeburn, MUSIIO business manager Mack Hampson, Proxy Agency’s Paul Hillman, Flow State psychologist Rashida Dungarwalla, Support Act CEO Clive Miller, Billfold CEO Stanislav Chijik and talent manager by Cloak Entertainment Gabe Bravo.


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