Former Ghost members release new single as Synthwave Act Priest


A synthwave group called Priest which includes former members of rockers led by Tobias Forge, Ghost, signed a deal with Cleopatra Records and released a single called “A Signal in the Noise”.

Priest – not to be confused with metal veteran Judas Priest, whom listeners often colloquially refer to simply as Priest – has been playing music since 2017. But their new song “marks a significant departure, with a considerably darker vibe.” [that] still maintains the band’s penchant for hooks and strong melodies, ”noted BraveWords. The group formed after Forge was sued by four former Ghost members.

Priest is made up of three musicians: Mercury, Salt and Sulfur. Mercury is the singer; he was known as Water while he was Ghost’s bassist. Salt plays keyboards and was Ghost’s keyboardist known as Air. Sulfur is an additional keyboardist and programmer.

And not only are two-thirds of the trio ex-Ghost, but their upcoming album is produced by Simon Soderberg, the engineer behind Ghost’s. Eponymous opus.

Cleopatra shared the signature: “We see an extremely bright future for the group and we are delighted to partner with them to make it happen.”

The band said, “Signing with such a legendary label as Cleopatra will probably be the biggest milestone in our career. With a great knowledge of the genre we’re in, we can’t think of a better match for Priest. Our next album is by far the best yet and we look forward to opening it up to a wider and more diverse audience. “

Check out the music video for “A Signal in the Noise” below.

Priest, video “A signal in the noise”

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