Listen to Morgan Wallen + Ernest’s duo Lovelorn, “Flower Shops”


Singer-songwriter Ernest has brought in his friend and frequent collaborator Morgan Wallen for a heart-wrenching new duet, “Flower Shops,” to kick off 2022.

The song tells a love story that is lost and never will return – a classic country story, and one that Ernest says he was inspired to create with fellow songwriters Ben Burgess and Mark Holman “after being on a kick out of sad country songs from George Jones. “

But the subject of “Florists” is not entirely inspired just by the grief of others.

“I didn’t have a hard time going because I know very well what it’s like to run out of excuses, and although the flowers are never going to fix it, that’s about all you can do sometimes, ”admits Ernest. “This is one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite song, that I have written to date.”

Long before its official release, the song was a live fan favorite. To accompany the studio recording, Ernest shared a following clip with Wallen as they exchange verses, each sitting with an acoustic guitar and leaning against a car adorned with flowers.

“I’m excited that he’s out in the world and even more excited to have one of my best friends, Morgan, step on it and sing it with me,” adds Ernest. “I strongly believe in honesty in country music, no matter what the tone. And it’s as honest as it gets.”

2022 promises to be a big year for Ernest, who will make his Grand Ole Opry debut on January 8 before hitting the road as part of Chris Lane’s Fill Them Boots Tour.

Ernest’s “Flower Shops” lyrics (feat. Morgan Wallen):

It’s a beautiful day, she cried all night / Ah, there are tears in her bruise, bloodshot in mine / This bender has bent, she is going to break / My baby has had it all that she can take


Sir, I’ll take your roses / If you cut the thorns / She can’t take it anymore / I’ll buy violets and daisies / To hide all the crazy people / It’ll take all you’ve got / Ah, it’s a bad day for love / But a good day for florists

Well I took pills and she took the dogs

Repeat the chorus

Roses are red, violets are blue / I don’t need them, I need a million to get you …

Repeat the chorus

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