Study Reveals Slipknot + MGK Are Among Top Artists Who Swear In Songs


Slipknot and Machine Gun Kelly may not be big fans of each other, but they do have a few things in common. A new study has revealed that the two are among the Top 50 artists who swear by their songs.

The experiment was conducted by, which queried thousands of songs from the 1950s to the 2010s across different genres. Their findings show that song lyrics from the 2010s contain 14% fewer “words of love” than songs from the 1950s. And, conversely, song lyrics contained 7% more swear words in the 2010s. than in the 50s.

Going into specifics, “shit” was the most common expletive used in 2010s songs, followed by “bitch” and “hell.” Lil Wayne has been rated the #1 artist who uses curse words in his lyrics. No rock or metal artist made it into the Top 10, but Slipknot was ranked No. 33 and MGK was No. 41, as noted by’s report.

Read the full study here.

It makes perfect sense for Slipknot to make its way into the charts, especially since they have a song called “People=Shit.” In June 2019, before the release of We are not your type, a ‘Knot’ fan on Reddit created a word cloud of all the band’s song lyrics and found that “never” was their most commonly used word. “Damn”, “shit” and “hell” were also included in the diagram.

The Words “Merde” And “Fuck” Appear Quite Frequently On MGK’s 2020 Album Tickets for my fall also, based on lyrics by Genius.

These results are a bit of a coincidence considering the beef that’s been going on since Kelly and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor over the past few months. See more details about their feud below.

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Here’s a Timeline of the Machine Gun Kelly vs. Corey Taylor Feud

Here’s how it started and how it’s going.


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