Video shows studio creator Tyler with Kanye West


It looks like DONDA could happen after all.

Kanye West teased her DONDA album last year, but the release date came and went with no subsequent releases or fanfare, and fans were forced to move on. But a new muted clip, which Consequence uploaded to Insta, suggests the project may be happening after all.

A hooded Kanye can be seen sitting at his studio booth, with Tyler, the creator interacting with him as Ye plays new tracks. Tyler nods and the two hosts are clearly feeling whatever is being played. Fans quickly noticed the whiteboard in the background with what appears to be a track list scribbled on it. Many of the pieces listed, it seemed, were also teased as part of DONDA ‘The initial teaser from last year, leading fans to believe the album may finally be imminent.

Tyler, the creator himself recently celebrated the release of his latest album, CALL ME IF YOU LOSE YOURSELF, which debuted at No.1 and sold 169,000 units in the first week. He then placed 13 of the project’s tracks on the Billboard Hot 100. The massive success of the project inspired Tyler to troll DJ Khaled a bit. The DJ was bitter in 2019 after Igor to choke Father of Asahd for the top spot, and disparaged Tyler’s work as “mysterious music.” “MYSTERIOUS MUSIC,” Tyler tweeted in an apparent response to Khaled’s past comment, “HA!”

“I make albums so people can play it and you actually hear it,” DJ Khaled wrote two years ago in a post he has since deleted. “You know, behind the wheel of your car, you hear another car playing it. You know, go to the hairdresser, you hear them playing. You know, turn on the radio and you hear them play it. This is called good music. These are called albums that you actually hear songs from. Not some mysterious shit you never hear.

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